Brother XR9500PRW

Discover Key Features of the Best Embroidery Machine

An embroidery machine is a device that does decorative work on fabrics and other articles using different stitches and designs. A long time ago this art would take a lot of time and energy to complete but with the invention of new technology, this has gradually changed. It would take you a few minutes to complete complex designs on fabrics. The market nowadays is crowded with many types of embroidery brands. Not all may meet your desired needs. However, with a well calculated choice, one is bound to acquire the embroidery machine that will yield the expected results.

It is important for one to be well informed of the key features that cumulatively lead to acquisition of the best embroidery machine. Outlined below are these features;

Computerized and Automated

An electrically controlled computerized embroidery machine helps lessen the work load. It is able to make complex designs with a lot of efficiency and accuracy. Possession of added accessories like USB ports and internet connectivity improves its functionality. It widens the scope of creativity and innovations.

It should also work under less human supervision by issue of commands. This autopilot feature is a plus because it provides good tension and also it is time saving.

User Friendly

It should not be complicated during use.  Beginners should not find difficulty to manipulate the embroidery machine. Get a machine that can make a variety of designs with easy adjustments whenever necessary. The embroidery machine should be easy to use during any time embroidery is being done, whether day or night time.


The material used to make the embroidery machine should be strong in order to make it last long and offer the required services. It should be able to resist wear and tear during use and also be an easy-to-care-for machine which makes it durable.

An instructional manual comes in handy when gauging the durability of the embroidery machine.

Easily Serviced

Like any other machine, an embroidery machine should be constantly serviced. Purchasing the embroidery machine from reputable local dealers helps in achieving this. In case it breaks down during use, spare parts should be acquired locally to avoid incurring extra expenses importing. This also saves you time and loss if the machine is used for commercial purposes.

It is also important to purchase an embroidery machine that has a long warranty period. This shows that it is a high quality machine. Remember to also to ensure that it is in good working condition. A pre-test run is recommended.

There are but a few embroidery machines with all these qualities. If you are in search of a high-end embroidery machine that will serve all your needs and that incorporates all of these features stated above, the following machines will be the best choice;

  1. Singer 7258 Stylist computerised Sewing Machine

Singer 7258

This is an award winning model. It is very easy and fast to use even for beginners. It contains an automatic bobbin winding system that ensures that the bobbin does not move up and down when winding or filling the bobbin with thread.


  1. Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machine.

This model is equipped with a freehand system which enables you to craft articles which resemble hand-stitched patterns with ease. It has a huge colour touch screen. This machine does complex embroidery work.

Bernina Artista 635

  1. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

This machine comes with 13 styles of fully automatic button holes which are accompanied by 5 different fonts that you can do embroidery after attaching the buttons. With this machine, you can customize different patterns for example lengthening patterns, stitch control and mirror imaging.


  1. Brother PE770 5*7 inch Embroidery-only Machine

This machine is ideal for even beginners as it helps create a professional touch. It is very easy in threading the machine and also the bobbin. It brings about creativity in stitching.


  1. Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Runaway Sewing Machine

Brother XR9500PRW

This machine has a variety of stitches and accessories that makes it easy to use. Most important is that it comes with various spare parts which enable you to continue working even when a machine becomes faulty.

In conclusion, under the guidelines of the outlined key features of the best embroidery machine, it is possible that any of the above listed machines will meet your specific needs.

Wool bedding duvets

Best bedding the wool bedding

alpaca wool complete bedding set

original luxurious alpaca wool complete bedding set

Have you ever thought  why people love to sleep on wool mattress topper? Why people  in spite of having such advanced technology in bedding  still like to rest on wool pillows? Why wool is still cheaper as compared to other synthetic products?

We all want a good sleep. Everyone loves to have rest after hectic day’s routine. An adequate sleep is really important to resist various mental disorders. But  you may have observed that bedding products mainly the synthetic and branded  are really expensive. And it’s really impossible for every individual on this planet to serve dollars on just bedding product. It’s a human nature wants more in less. So, if you are among those who want to enjoy best calm and peaceful sleep in few dollars try wool items for sleep!

What’s so different in wool actually Wool contains natural fibers that make it so comfortable… by reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of wool- you will be able to get knowledge about wool bedding. Moreover, this article from Laura – author of Just Go Sleep will serve you to make a better decision about purchasing the bedding products. Depending on your personal preference and budget, wool may be the right choice for you.

Pros and Cons about wool products


  1. Warmth sensation
  2. Cooling regulation
  3. No odor
  4. Water resistant
  5. Soft and light
  6. Natural fire resistant
  7. Hypo allergic
  8. Economical

Now let’s discuss the above mentioned pros one by one briefly!

  • Wool has naturally a warmth sensation within it. It works best in winter
  • Wool has natural moisture wicking properties, so it keeps you cool during summer. As a whole wool is itself a temperature regulator
  • Wool has no synthetic material or chemical, so no odor issues are experienced
  • Wool is soft and light. The bedding products are as soft as clouds. You can enjoy soft and silky sleep
  • Various chemical in bedding products are fire catching in natural. Wool bedding products have no such issues. Wool fibers are not combustible in nature
  • If you are an allergic patient wool can prove best for you. It is hypo allergic in nature and you can enjoy best sleep even in your bad times (experiencing bad allergic attacks)
  • Wool products are cheaper as compared to other one (synthetic)


The only issue which you can face while having wool bedding products the shrinking issues. Though, there is great advancement in technology of manufacturing and developing wool into bedding products like gel foam mattress topper yet you may experience pain after washing your wool products

How wool works?

Wool is a soft mass. Wool fibers form an insulator a barrier of still air. This still air is actually responsible for temperature control and regulation you feel cool in summer and warm in winter!

How wool absorbs the moisture? Where all this moisture goes? Wool can absorb about 35% of its own weight of moisture without giving a feel of damp … actually it contains small cells within it like a sponge and absorbs maximum of moisture content and gives you light and better environment

As a whole wool beddings are not only cheap and economical but comfortable too. Buy wool bedding products and enjoy your nights!